Traditional paradeclothes of the dancers

The traditional paradeclothes of the dancers

The tang dynasty was a period of bloom of the cultural exchange. Thanks to different foreign influence the fashion, in particular the women's fashion, at that time a big change also got to know. A tang dynasty dress is characterised by his standing collar, toggle-like fasteners with loops and Chinese knots, a classical button strip sloping also or just, as well as wide sleeves. A fine and elegant tang dynasty dress is mostly of silk and the most popular colours are red, dark red, wine-red, blue and brown.

After the period of bloom of the tang dynasty the women's fashion developed gradually to a loose and wide style. During the middle and late phase this style direction became even more popularly − the sleeves of the usual women's costumes were often 4 Chi (approximately 1.33 m). far. In the tang dynasty the women often wear and a different floral decoration and most were produced of silk gauze. Later it became popular to carry real flowers. Tree peonies were liked very much.

Explanation to the signs in the clothes

476 V. Ch. in the Konfuzianismustime was said, that human feelings can be divided into grief, joy, cheerfulness, fury, respect and love. The music exists of six kinds of feelings and also has six qualities which strongly hang together with the original nature of the person. The feelings step to the prelight if we are influenced in different situations by certain things. These feelings should be compensated and this it goes only if one starts with himself and changes. To reach this there are four ways: Politeness maintain, music play, politics exercise and carry out punishment. Music play is one of four necessary elements.